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Avocados are originally from Mexico and Central America.

For immediate use, select slightly soft avocados, free of blemishes and dark spots. For later use, get hard to firm avocados, which will ripen at room temperature in a few days. When ripe, avocados may be refrigerated, but need to be used within three to five days. Avocados can be stored at room temperature in paper bags to speed up ripening.

Puree (Grid #1)

Triturate only. Do not press. Peel and remove the pits from the avocado. Fill the housing loosely before turning on the Norwalk. While triturating, be sure to keep avocados in the housing at all times to prevent throwback. When finished, leave the pusher in the tube until the Norwalk is turned off. Use Grid #2 if for a finer texture.

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