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John N. Servicing, Quality and Control for 28+ years.

On this day, 28 years ago, Ken Griffey Jr. hit his very first MLB homer. 28 years ago Prince Harry arrived for his own first day at Wetherby School. 28 Years and counting, thats how long John has been working at Norwalk juicers, as service and quality control Manager. If you have called in and spoke to service over the years, chances are you already have been helped by John. "Every day is a good day" according to John who gains satisfaction in helping customers and knowing that our product helps people. He takes pride in ensuring that quality is formost and loves the challenging but exciting aspect of his position handling many different situations for Norwalk's customers.

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Norwalk Juicers

Crudismo (o rawism) es la práctica de consumir alimentos crudos, sin procesar, y, a menudo orgánicos como un gran porcentaje de la dieta. Dependiendo del tipo de estilo de vida y los resultados deseados, las dietas de alimentos crudos pueden incluir una selección de frutas, verduras, frutos secos, semillas (incluyendo granos germinados enteros como arroz GABA), huevos, pescado (como sashimi), la carne (como carpaccio), y los productos no pasteurizados / no homogeneizada lácteos (tales como leche cruda, queso de leche cruda, y el yogur de leche cruda).

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Norwalk Juicers

Norwalk Juicer Model 290

Build It Your Way

Designed, Engineered & Built in the USA, Since 1934

You will be able to make your selections on how you want your juicer, in the check-out section of the shopping cart.

Packaging Includes:

• Housing.

• Cutter.

• Feed Pan.

• Grid Holder.

• Juicing Grid in Holder.

• Juice Tray.

• 1 instruction manual.

• 6 grids, 0-5.

• Attachment Knob Wrench.

2 sets of (4) filter bags.(Choose Bags only).

2 sets of (4) filter cloths. (Choose Cloths only).

Can choose Bags (4) and Cloths (4) only.

1 UHMW Polyethylene pusher.(Can substitute for Maple Wood Pusher).

1 Reto (Offset) Housing.(Can substitute for Straight Housing).

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

JUICE...for Life

Green Hydration

Norwalk Juicers
From our test kitchen to yours

From our test kitchen to yours

Green Hydration

  • Honey Dew, 2lbs
  • Pineapple, 1/2
  • Celery, 6 stalks
  • Spinach, 1 bunch

Perfect for hydration, even better frozen as popsicles.

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