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Carrot and Green Apple Juice | Choosing Produce

Juice of the Month, How ToMichael Denison

Norwalk’s Juice of the Month for November is Carrot and Green Apple Juice. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll instruct you on how to choose and clean good produce, as well as juicing, storing, and some helpful tips.

When shopping for carrots to juice, look for large, organic juicing carrots that have reached their full size and maturity. Smaller organic carrots, picked before they are fully mature will not have all of the nutrients found in a larger, more mature carrot. Carrots which are old and split should not be juiced. Do not attempt to juice with baby carrots. They lack the nutritional value found in healthy, full grown organic carrots.

When choosing apples, look for firm and fresh apples, without blemishes. Wrinkles and blemishes indicate apples that are old and will be lacking in the nutrients found in fresher apples.

Please remember that your juice will only be as nutritional as the produce you use to make it.