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Why Norwalk? | 9 | Ease of Cleaning

Why Norwalk?, Proper Use, How To, General InfoMichael Denison

Cleaning your Norwalk Juicer is simple. Begin by turning off and unplugging your juicer. Lift off the juice tray and feed pan. Remove the grid holder, then loosen the wing nuts to remove the housing. Grasp the cutter with a damp cloth and remove it by pulling it toward yourself.

Rinse all of the removable parts thoroughly in cool water. All removable parts are dishwasher safe, and can be washed in your dishwasher or by hand.

The O-rings on your Norwalk are FDA approved and must be removed and cleaned at the end of your juicing day.

To remove the O-ring, take a soft instrument, such as a toothpick, to lift the O-ring from the face plate. Wash thoroughly in cold, soapy water. Do not store the O-ring on the face plate of the Norwalk for long periods of time, as it will become brittle and break. After placing the O-ring back on the face plate, be sure to add a drop of olive oil to the O-ring, so that the feed tube slides on easily.

With a cool, damp, soapy, sponge or washcloth, clean the area around the motor shaft, top press plate, and all other outer surfaces exposed to food or juices. Finally, wipe down the outside of your Norwalk with a dry towel.