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Cleaning and storing bags and cloths

How To, Proper UseMichael Denison

It is very easy but also very important to clean your Norwalk Juicer’s cloths and bags after each use. Always use cold water to rinse the bags and cloths. Use a biodegradable, non-toxic, non-detergent cleaner as needed.

To clean the bags, first turn them inside out. Fill the inside out bags with water, twist the top closed, then squeeze the water out and rinse until the bag is clean. Turn the bag right side out, wring out excess water, then fold into thirds.

To clean the Norwalk’s flat cloths, simply rinse the cloths thoroughly to ensure no pulp is left on the cloths. Wring out excess water, then fold into thirds.

Store damp cloths and bags in resealable plastic baggies, up to four cloths or bags per baggie. Bags and cloths should only be stored in the freezer.