Norwalk Juicers

The Ultimate Juicer

Grid Selection

General Info, Proper UseMichael Denison

The Norwalk comes with 8 different grids, each ideal for a variety of applications.

Eight grids are furnished with the machine. The juicing grid, which is used for must juicing, is in the machine. The other grids are in the accessory pack. Grid #0 has the largest holes continuing down to grid #6 with the smallest holes.

  • Grid#0 is used for salads and coarse grinds
  • Grid#1 is used for some juicing tasks as well as coleslaw, shaved ice, frozen fruit desserts and coarse ground nuts
  • Grid#2 is used for some juicing tasks as well as coarse chopped nuts, cracked wheat, corn, and finely chopped vegetables for salads
  • Grid#3 is used for chunky nut butters and medium cereal grind
  • Grid#4 is used for creamy nut butters, coffee grinds, fine cereal grind, and frozen desserts
  • Grid#5 is used for whole wheat flour for breads and muffins, corn meal and small seed butters and nectars
  • Grid#6 is used for fine flour and espresso coffee grind