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Norwalk Basics | Fennel

Norwalk Basics, How ToMichael Denison

There are two kinds of fennel. One is the common or sweet fennel which is mainly used for condiments and flavoring. This is classified as an herb and is not recommended for use in juice form.

The second form is Florence Fennel, usually known as Finocchio. This plant belongs to the celery family but its juice is much sweeter and more aromatic than celery juice.

Select firm, fresh fennel. Wash thoroughly.

Juice (Juicing Grid or Grid #1)

Triturate and press in filter bags.

Fill the feed tube loosely with large stalks, stem ends down, before turning on the Norwalk. Keep some fennel in the feed tube at all times to prevent throwback. When all the fennel has been processed, leave the pusher in place until you have turned off the Norwalk.

Fill the center third of the filter bag with no more than a cup of pulp. Fold into thirds and always press with two bags.

Salad (Grid #1 or #0)

Triturate rapidly as above.