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Norwalk Basics | Cranberries

Norwalk Basics, How ToMichael Denison

Wash and remove stems.

Juice (Juicing Grid)

Triturate and press using flat cloths.

Fill the feed tube loosely with berries. Hold the pusher over the berries before turning on the Norwalk. While triturating, be sure to keep the pusher over the berries at all times to prevent throwback. When all the berries have been processed, leave pusher in tube until you have turned off the Norwalk.

Fill the center portion of a flat cloth with one cup of pulp. Fold into thirds and always press with two cloths.

Cranberries make a beautiful red, very tart juice which may be mixed with apple or other juices to add color and flavor. It may also be used as a base for punch or for making jellies. Cranberries and apples may be juiced together.