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Norwalk Basics | Honeydew Melon

How To, Norwalk BasicsMichael Denison

Honeydew melon is a late ripening winter melon with white or pale green skin and sweet green flesh.

Remove seeds, peel and cut into pieces small enough to process.

Nectar (Grid #4)

Triturate only.

Fill the housing loosely with honeydew pieces. Hold the pusher over the pieces before turning on the Norwalk. Use gentle pressure and keep some honeydew in the housing at all times to prevent throwback. When finished, leave the pusher in the tube until you have turned off the Norwalk.


Press only.

Fill the center portion of a flat cloth with honeydew pieces. Fold into thirds and always press with two cloths.

Frozen Honeydew Dessert (Grid #1)

Prepare as for nectar, place in a plastic bag and freeze. When frozen hard, triturate as above. This is a very delicious sherbet type dessert.