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Press Plate 101

Proper Use, How ToMichael Denison

Norwalk Juicers’ press plates have been manufactured the same way for over 20 years, and when used properly, the press plate is extremely durable. One of the most important things to ensure the correct use of the press plate is careful juice tray positioning. Be sure that the press plate is fully aligned with the inside groove on the juice tray. To do this, simply check the juice tray’s placement when sliding bags onto the tray to be juiced. If the juice tray is too far forward or back, damage to the press plate will result.

If you overfill your bags or cloths with more than a cup of pulp in each one, you may cause damage over time to your juice tray and press plate. Additional damage will occur if juice bags are refolded or rolled after initial juicing and pressed a second time. To avoid damage to your juice tray and press plate, be sure that bags are folded into thirds and are always pressed with fresh pulp.