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Calming Juice | Choosing Produce

Juice of the Month, How ToMichael Denison

Norwalk’s Juice of the Month for February is Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Mint, and Ginger, a calming juice for our hectic lifestyles. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll instruct you on how to choose and clean good produce, as well as juicing, storing, and some helpful tips.

When selecting produce for juicing, it’s always important to choose the freshest produce possible. Ginger should be free from mold and black or white marks on the outside. To test its freshness, snap off a piece--it should be moist inside. Cucumbers should be firm--avoid cucumbers that are soft or have white marks on the outside. Apples should also be firm and free from bruises or spots. Fresh mint should be stored in water until ready to use, and only the leaves should be used. Lemons should be fully yellow, without green spots, and should also be firm.

Please remember that your juice will only be as nutritional as the produce you use to make it.