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Calming Juice | Preparing Produce

Juice of the Month, How ToMichael Denison

Norwalk’s Juice of the Month for February is Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Mint, and Ginger, a calming juice for our hectic lifestyles. Here are some helpful tips for preparation of your ingredients.

To prepare ginger, peel and cut it into pieces. Not much is needed for this juice--a little bit goes a long way. Peel cucumbers like carrots to remove any wax on the skins, then top and tail the cucumber. Clean apples using a non-detergent biodegradable, liquid organic cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Cut them into small enough pieces to fit inside the Norwalk’s housing. Because of their strong flavor, only a few pieces of lemon are needed in this juice. To prepare the lemons, peel and section. Seeds can be removed or left in. Mint leaves should be used sparingly as well, and simply need to be plucked from their stems. Remember that the smaller the leaf, the stronger the flavor.