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Cantaloupe Juice | Juicing & Storing

Juice of the Month, How ToMichael Denison

Norwalk’s Juice of the Month for April is cantaloupe juice. Here are some helpful tips for juicing and storing your cantaloupe juice.

When working with cantaloupe, you can make nectars using the cutter only, or pulp-free juice using the press only.

To press cantaloupe, always use a liner of your choice with your flat cloths. Flat cloths come folded in thirds and should always be used and stored this way. Place one cup of cut up cantaloupe into the center third of a flat cloth, then fold the cloth into thirds, keeping the pulp in the center third. Seeds do not need to be removed for pressing. Place the folded cloth onto the center of the juice tray. Repeat these steps for the second cloth. Always juice with two cloths and check that the juice tray is centered on the press plate.

Turn on the Norwalk, and turn the press lever to press the juice. Do not let the tray sit fully pressed for longer than 10 seconds, before turning the press lever off and letting the juice tray down. Enjoy this delicious pulp-free juice, which can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

To make nectars, insert grid #4 into the grid holder and slide it into the feed tube of the Norwalk Juicer. Before turning on the Norwalk, insert a wedge of peeled and seedless cantaloupe into the feed tube. Turn the Norwalk on to begin making the nectar. Turn off the Norwalk each time you add fruit to prevent throwback. Enjoy this tasty nectar as soon as possible.