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Norwalk Basics | Apples

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In the Norwalk Basics series, Norwalk Juicers will introduce the fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and other ingredients that make up the basic building blocks of a healthy juicing lifestyle. Learn about choosing, preparing, storing, and juicing these ingredients, then mix and match for your own custom juice blends and more.

Wash apples thoroughly, quartering and removing the stem and bud ends as well as any damaged or bruised parts. For juicing it is not necessary to remove the core and seeds. Peeling is optional.

Juicing (Juicing Grid)

Apples which are crisp and firm may be juiced in filter bags. Apples which are soft and mealy must be juiced in flat filter cloths, using the lining of your choice. Occasionally you may find apples which are so soft and mealy that they cannot be juiced at all. Use them for eating, cooking or applesauce.

Fill the housing loosely with apples before turning on the Norwalk. Triturate, leaving the housing partly full of apples at all times to prevent throwback. When finished, leave the pusher in the tube until you have turned off the Norwalk. Press as usual.

Juice made with the Norwalk may be kept in the refrigerator up until fermentation occurs. Some add a few drops of beet juice to give it a beautiful purple color or a few drops of lemon juice for tartness.

Frozen Apple Dessert (Grid #1)

Triturate only. Peel, quarter, and core mature, ripe apples and place in freezer in plastic bags. Use Grid #1. When frozen, triturate these in the Norwalk for a delicious frozen dessert.

Other Apple Grinds

Prepare and triturate apples as with juicing using:

Grid #1: Apple Pudding, Apple Brown Betty, Set Salad
Grid #2: Apple Sauce
Grid #3: Cooked Apple Puree Grid #4: Raw Apple Puree