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Norwalk Basics | Cabbage

Michael Denison

Much of the nutrient value in any of the cabbage family is lost when cooked, so it is best to eat it raw or in the form of raw juice. Wash and cut the cabbage to fit into the feed tube. Use the complete cabbage, heart and all.

Juice (Juicing Grid or Grid #1)

Triturate and press the cabbage in filter bags. Fill the feed tube loosely with cabbage. Hold the pusher over the cabbage before turning on the Norwalk. While triturating, be sure to keep some cabbage in the feed tube at all times to prevent throwback. When finished, leave the pusher in the tube until you have turned off the Norwalk. Drink immediately.

NOTE: The powerful enzymes in cabbage juice cause it to start digesting itself within a very short time after the juice is extracted. For the best flavor we recommend drinking the juice of all members of the cabbage (brassica) family immediately after extraction. Although the juice may be refrigerated or frozen for short periods of time, it is still best to make it fresh and drink it immediately.

Salads (Grid #1)

Triturate only. When triturated rapidly, cabbage has an excellent texture for coleslaw or set salads. The red or purple varieties are very colorful when mixed with a green salad.

Watch this video to see the Norwalk make salads.