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The Ultimate Juicer

Announcing the New Norwalk Model 290 Juicer!!!

Michael Denison


The Ultimate Juicer Just Got Better

  • Retro housing design - a throwback to the model 201 built in the 1950's.
  • Housing attachment knob design - machined stainless steel knobs rather than wing nuts for enhanced styling.
  • Removable press plate - guide pin relocated from the back of the machine to side allowing the removal of press plate for ease of cleaning of the press chamber area.
  • Juice tray attachment clip - added to the back of juice tray to allow for a more secure fit of tray to press plate.
  • Improved machine ventilation - sheet metal ventilation holes redesigned to allow 52% more airflow to motor resulting in lower operating temperatures.
  • New Power Entry Module (PEM) with removable IEC style electrical cord - standardized PEM allows for easy conversion to electrical cord specific to users country’s electrical system.

Norwalk Juicers is proud to announce the Norwalk Model 290 Juicer. We've made several enhancements and are excited to get the Model 290 in the hands of our customers. The Model 290 will be available January 1, 2017, for $2595, on our website.