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Norwalk Juicer Model 290

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Designed, Engineered & Built in the USA, Since 1934

You will be able to make your selections on how you want your juicer, in the check-out section of the shopping cart.

Packaging Includes:

• Housing.

• Cutter.

• Feed Pan.

• Grid Holder.

• Juicing Grid in Holder.

• Juice Tray.

• 1 instruction manual.

• 6 grids, 0-5.

• Attachment Knob Wrench.

2 sets of (4) filter bags.(Choose Bags only).

2 sets of (4) filter cloths. (Choose Cloths only).

Can choose Bags (4) and Cloths (4) only.

1 UHMW Polyethylene pusher.(Can substitute for Maple Wood Pusher).

1 Reto (Offset) Housing.(Can substitute for Straight Housing).

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

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