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WATERMELON ( Citrullusvulgaris)



The watermelon rind, the green and white layers between the outside skin and the red center, is said to contain the richest proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. The green layer immediately beneath the skin contains chlorophyll which makes it easily digestible, even to those who might otherwise have difficulty with melons. The watermelon is especially good for flushing out the whole urinary tract, the bladder, and the kidneys and helps dissolve hard deposits which may have come from an inadequate diet. It also helps keep the body on the alkaline side.


Cut Watermelon into 1" slices and quarter, place one quarter into the center of the juice press cloth, fold as per instructions. Press 2 at a time. It is optional to peel the watermelon rind.


Use Grid #5. Do not press.

Prepare the edible portion of melon, remove seeds and triturate.

Melon must be fed into the housing rapidly with the pusher ready to place in the tube when the last of the melon has been introduced into the tube to prevent throwback.

NOTE: The machine will grind the seeds if you wish to leave them in. Freeze nectar into popsicles for a real treat.


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With each of these foods, we show suggested methods of preparation together with ways of processing them with the Norwalk. These suggestions are given merely as basic guides in the operation of your Norwalk. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you will discover endless ways of making delicious and nutritious combinations of foods from various commodities.