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Use Grid #1.

Loosely fill housing with shelled hard boiled eggs. Put pusher in place before starting motor. While triturating keep a layer of eggs in the housing at all times to prevent throwback. When finished, leave pusher in tube until you have turned off the motor.

The different grids give you a wide range of grinds to use for deviled eggs, spreads and fillings. You may want to add other things such as raw onions, cucumbers, pickles, peppers and seasonings.

Baby Food

Use Grid #3 or #4. Triturate as above.


Dry egg shells in warm oven.

Triturate egg shells as above to get a fine powder which provides excellent calcium for plants and animals.

Coarsely ground egg shells sprinkled around your plants are said to keep snails away.

Use Grid #5

With each of these foods, we show suggested methods of preparation together with ways of processing them with the Norwalk. These suggestions are given merely as basic guides in the operation of your Norwalk. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you will discover endless ways of making delicious and nutritious combinations of foods from various commodities.

 Juice...for Life.

Juice...for Life.