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(Mandarin Oranges) (Citrus reticulate)

(Mandarin Oranges) (Citrus reticulate)

(Mandarin Oranges) (Citrus reticulate)

Called Tangerines because these orange-like fruits were originally shipped to America from Tangiers in the early 1800's. They are sweeter than oranges and contain twice as much vitamin A and considerably more vitamin C. The mineral content is similar to the orange; the B vitamin content is lower.

JUICE- Press Only

For a pulp free, sweeter juice, place a tangerine in the center of a filter cloth, fold and press only.


Use Grid #5. Triturate only.

Peel tangerines and break into pieces that will fit into housing. Fill housing loosely with tangerine sections. Put pusher in place and start motor. Keep some material in housing at all times to prevent throwback. Leave pusher in place until you have turned off motor.


Use Grid #1. Triturate only.

Prepare tangerine sections as above and place in plastic bags in freezer. When frozen hard, triturate as above. Frozen tangerines are delicious when combined with sweeter fruits such as bananas, peaches, etc.

With each of these foods, we show suggested methods of preparation together with ways of processing them with the Norwalk. These suggestions are given merely as basic guides in the operation of your Norwalk. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you will discover endless ways of making delicious and nutritious combinations of foods from various commodities.

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