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POPCORN (Zeamaysvar everta)

 Zeamaysvar everta

Zeamaysvar everta

Popcorn in a Norwalk Juicer?

Popcorn makes a delicious and nutritious breakfast cereal. Yes, I said Popcorn cereal.


Use Grid #1, Grid #2, or Grid #3 depending on grind desired. Triturate only.

Pop the corn (include unpopped kernels when triturating).

Fill the housing with popcorn and put pusher in place before starting the motor. When finished, leave pusher in the tube until you have turned off the motor.


With each of these foods, we show suggested methods of preparation together with ways of processing them with the Norwalk. These suggestions are given merely as basic guides in the operation of your Norwalk. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you will discover endless ways of making delicious and nutritious combinations of foods from various commodities.

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Juice...for Life