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Up n Atom

Juice of the MonthNorwalk Juicers

Happy Thanksgiving from Norwalk Juicers.

Up n Atom

  • Pineapple (4) one inch slices
  • Oranges (4+ 1 blood orange)
  • Lemon (half)
  • Mint (2 large sprigs)
  • Pear (2)
  • Ginger

Cut pineapple into 1 inch slices and press.

Triturate remaining produce (J Grid) and press.

Pumpkin Passion

Juice of the MonthNorwalk Juicers

Pumpkin Passion

  • ½ medium Pumpkin, 26.7oz

  • 1 Sweet Potato, 6.1oz

  • 6 medium Carrots, 11.1oz

  • 2, 1” slices of Pineapple, 12.2oz

  • 2 Apples, 12.1oz

  • 4 stalks of Celery, 12.2oz

  • 1.5” of Ginger, 1.2oz

  • 2 Passionfruit, 2.0oz

Pumpkin Juice has a smooth flavor with a little bit of spice and is super tasty!

While pumpkin juice has only recently gained a global following, it has been known by vegetarians and natural health fans for many years due to its broad range of nutrients and positive effect on health. Pumpkins are scientifically known as Cucurbita pepo, and are technically types of squash, although pumpkins are certainly the most famous. Native to North America, there are quite a few different species of pumpkin, varying in size, color and shape, but their chemical makeup and nutritional benefits are largely the same.

According to organic facts,

Pumpkins are packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, biotin, various amino acids, beta-carotene, B-family vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron and natural sugars. Drinking pumpkin juice is also easier than finding different forms to eat regular pumpkin, so many people choose this option, particularly if they are fans of juices.

National Kale Day 2017!!

How To, Juice of the MonthNorwalk Juicers

When selecting kale for juicing, look for firm, crisp leaves that are moist on the inside, when snapped. Avoid kale that is wilted as it is too old to use and has lost its moisture. It is important that kale is washed thoroughly to remove all dirt and other contaminants. Store kale stem side down in water in the refrigerator to keep it from drying out.

Please remember that your juice will only be as nutritional as the produce you use to make it.

Insert Grid #1 into the grid holder and slide it into the feed tube of your Norwalk Juicer. After turning on your Norwalk, insert the kale, stem first, into the feed tube, holding the pusher firmly and pushing down. Continue to feed kale into the feed tube. Always keep the feed tube at least half full before adding more.

When juicing greens, always use a liner of your choice with your flat cloths. Flat cloths come folded in thirds and should always be used and stored this way. Scoop 1 cup of pulp into the center third of a flat cloth, then fold the cloth into thirds, keeping the pulp in the center third. Place the folded cloth onto the center of the juice tray.

Repeat these steps for the second cloth. Always juice with 2 cloths and check that the juice tray is centered on the press plate.

Turn on your Norwalk, and turn the press lever to press your juice. When the juice stops flowing, turn the press lever off and let the juice tray down.

Discard the liner with the pulp from the flat cloths and repeat the juicing process until you've used all of the pulp you have made.

Juice needs to be stored quickly to stay fresh and reduce oxidation. Pour into ice cube trays to store in your freezer. Frozen cubes of kale juice can then be added in small quantities to your other juices.