Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Juicer Questions

What is the price of the Norwalk?
$2,595.00 plus shipping. This does not include duties, taxes, or fees for international orders.
Where can I purchase a Norwalk?
Norwalk, Inc., is the only manufacturer of the Norwalk Juicer with one location in Bentonville, AR. NorwalkJuicers are not sold in stores. We have no dealers, distributors, representatives, agents or affiliates.*
How can I purchase the Norwalk?
Click on the “Store” tab at the top of the page. Click on the “Juicers and Accessories” title under the “Store” tab. Click on the photo of the juicer. A page titled “Terms & Conditions” will appear. It is very important to read the entire page and then enter your email address and name, then click “I Agree” to accept the terms. On the following page, select the color and voltage. Click “Add to Cart”. The shopping cart will open in a new window. Select your country from the drop down and enter your postal/zip code. Click Update. Select the shipping option of your choice and click Update. Then click “Pay Now”.
What forms of Payment are Accepted?

PayPal is our payment processor. You must pay through PayPal using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or by using your PayPal account or any other payment method they provide. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase the juicer. You may select the “Pay With a Debit or Credit Card” option to checkout as a guest. If you experience difficulties processing your payment please contact PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 for US customers or 1-402-935-2050 for international customers.

Norwalk does not offer any financing. We have partnered with Klarna, a financing company.  You can choose financing at checkout to see if you qualify.

Norwalk does not take credit cards, bank wire transfers, or payments not made in US funds.*

Norwalk, Inc. accepts cashier’s checks and money orders in US funds for the Norwalk Juicer.*

Mail orders to:

Norwalk, Inc. 2713 SE Otis Corley Dr.Bentonville, AR 72712*

Include a letter with your name, address, phone number, email address, and the items you are ordering. The warranty for the juicer is assigned at the time of shipment. If the juicer is a gift, please include the recipient’s information also.

What Happens Once I Place My Order?

You will receive an email receipt from PayPal. Please make sure that all of the information on your receipt is correct. Once the payment has cleared, your order will be added to our production schedule. In case we need to contact you regarding your shipment, you will receive an email at the email address that was submitted with your order. If you do not respond to the email from us within five business days, your order will be canceled and your form of payment credited. You need to supply us with your billing information and warranty information if it is different than your shipping address. This information can be entered during checkout in the “Notes to Seller” or “Instructions to Merchant” link in PayPal, or an email sent to

When your juicer ships, you will receive an email from UPS Quantum View with the tracking information and expected delivery date.

Does The Norwalk have any commercial certification?
No. We manufacture the Norwalk Juicer for personal use. The NorwalkJuicers have no commercial certification. They are not NSF, CE, CCC, UL (etc.) certified. We build one juicer for personal use only. We do not have larger juicers for commercial use. The Norwalk has not been tested or used by us in a commercial setting and we do not have specific information to offer commercial businesses.
How much juice will a Norwalk yield in an hour?
This can vary greatly depending on the user, the freshness of the produce used, and the cleanliness of the bags and cloths. Generally, a 25-pound sack of carrots that have already been prepped can yield about 7-8 quarts of juice in 30-45 minutes. Greens will have a lower yield.
What type of material is on the outside of the Norwalk?
The colored juicers are an aluminum siding with the paint baked on. An abrasive cleaner or scrubber cannot be used on these machines. The wood grain finish is a vinyl laminate on aluminum and is the second most durable next to the stainless steel model. The stainless steel Norwalk is cut from food grade 304 stainless steel 24 gauge panels. Five of the six parts that come into direct contact with the food are stainless steel on all Norwalk's.
What does the Norwalk come with?
The Norwalk comes with everything needed to get started. For the list of all parts included
What is the difference between the older model juicers and the Norwalk Model 290?

The Model 290 Enhancements Include The Following.

  • Retro housing design - a throwback to the model 201 built in the 1950s.
  • Housing attachment knob design - machined stainless steel knobs rather than wing nuts for enhanced styling.
  • Removable press plate - guide pin relocated from the back of the machine to side allowing the removal of press plate for ease of cleaning of the press chamber area.
  • Juice tray attachment clip - added to the back of juice tray to allow for a more secure fit of the tray to press plate.
  • Improved machine ventilation - sheet metal ventilation holes redesigned to allow 52% more airflow to motor resulting in lower operating temperatures.
  • New Power Entry Module (PEM) with removable IEC style electrical cord - standardized PEM allows for easy conversion to electrical cord specific to users country’s electrical system.

The Norwalk Model 290 parts listed above are not interchangeable with ANY previous models.

Shipping Questions

How much is shipping?

For shipping costs, you need to click on the Store tab and select Juicers or Accessories. Click on the product you are purchasing, and add it to the cart. Once in the cart, enter your shipping address. The shopping cart will then calculate the shipping cost for you.  We must ship to the address on the order. Please make sure your address is correct before submitting your order.  We are not responsible if the address you entered is incorrect.  If an item is returned undeliverable as addressed, we will contact you for an updated address.  You will be charged shipping for the package to be resent to you.  If you prefer a refund at that time, your refund will be the cost of items you purchased, less the shipping costs.

Is insurance included in the price of shipping?
What happens if my juicer is damaged during shipping?
If a machine arrives damaged, notify UPS and Norwalk and we will work on getting a claim started. Do not use. Send pictures to Save box and packaging. We will contact you as soon as we assess the damage.
How will my order ship?

NorwalkJuicers ship fully insured through UPS using our account. We do not ship by any other carrier. An adult signature is required for the delivery of the juicer. UPS makes three attempts to deliver the package. If you are not home on the first attempt, they will leave a note on your door. You may call the phone number listed on the notice and supply them with the tracking number if you need to make alternate arrangements.*

All parts ordered ship per your selection at checkout. Please check for accuracy when entering your shipping address. Any package returned to us with an insufficient address or undeliverable will be refunded less the shipping charges.

Do you ship to my country? APO's/FPO's?

We ship everywhere that United Parcel Services (UPS) goes without weight or size restrictions. We do not ship to, or sell for use in: Russia, China, Iran, Libya, Malta, Romania, Turkey, or Uruguay due to their many restrictions. UPS does not deliver to APO's/FPO's, therefore we do not ship to APO'S/FPO's.

The shipping address provided for the purchase of the Norwalk Juicer must be a physical address.

Please note that we do not ship to international freight forwarders, package forwarding companies, brokers, PO Boxes, APO’s, FPO’s or DPO’s. Orders received with these types of addresses will be canceled and payment refunded immediately. We deal directly with the end user.

Do Canada and Mexico shipments receive the North American Free Trade Agreement?
Juicers to Canada and Mexico have a NAFTA form sent with them. This will reduce the custom fees. We do not know by how much. If you want to know how much the fees are, you need to contact UPS or your local customs agency directly.
How long will it take my juicer to arrive?
Once your juicer ships, shipping time can take from one to seven days in the United States. International shipping can take from seven to ten days, not including any customs delays.
What is included in the price of shipping on international orders?

As the importer of the juicer, you must check with customs to find out what is required by you to bring this product into your country to prepare for this shipment to arrive. UPS is our broker and we ship F.O.B. at origin only. The shipping cost includes the shipping and insurance only. It does NOT include any duties, brokerage, or customs fees. Those will be due upon the juicers arrival and are the buyer’s responsibility.


Parts & Accessories Questions

Why do I need to include the shaft measurement when I purchase a cutter?

So the cutter may be fit to your shaft before it is shipped to you.

When do I need to have my cutter sharpened?

A dull cutter will cause overheating and difficulty in grinding. Cutter blades should not be rounded or chipped. However, they do not have to be razor sharp to operate properly. Blade sharpness will vary depending on usage. Please call our service department at 479-876-8264 if you have any questions or concerns about sharpening the cutter.

Where can I get my cutter sharpened?

U.S. customers can mail this form with a check to have the cutter sharpened. International customers, please email

Will the 280 model cutter, housing, or o-rings fit on my model 275 or older?

No. The cutter, housing, and o-rings for the model 280 are made specifically for the model 280 and will not fit any other model.

How do I clean the o-ring?

I have heard that the white o-ring on the faceplate of the Model 280 is unsanitary. Like any part on a juicer that comes in contact with the product, it must be washed after use. The new FDA approved o-ring is easy to remove and clean. Press or pinch the o-ring with your thumb and index finger, and then pull the o-ring off with your other hand. Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry. The groove where the o-ring sits can be wiped off with a soapy cloth and rinsed with a clean damp cloth.

Watch this video on cleaning and care of the o-ring.

The Norwalk Model 280 works with or without the white o-ring on the faceplate.

Will the instruction manual for the 280 work for my older juicer?

The model 280 instruction manual can be used for older models. Any model before the 275 will use the #2 grid instead of the juicing grid.

What material is used to make the bags and cloths?

Bags and cloths are made from polyester. It is uncoated, heat treated, poly-spun FDA approved material. Any natural material (cotton, hemp, wool, or silk) will not hold under the pressure.

Watch this video on proper cleaning and care of the bags and cloth's.

How do I clean my Norwalk?

Cleaning the Norwalk is simple. Watch this video to see how to clean your Norwalk

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