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Model 280 stainless


Factory refurbished

( Minor Blemish on housing-see image )


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Model 280 Demo For Sale


Model 280

Demo Juicer


Excellent condition.

Comes with a 10 year home use warranty or a 2 year Commercial warranty.

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Norwalk Model 270 for sale

Excellent condition. Highly polished. With wood grain finish.

Don't be fooled. No one else can offer refurbished machines of this quality.

No fancy claims or hype. Just straight up quality machines.

All of our refurbished machines are updated to todays standards and are in like new condition. 

These models are actually a combination of two machines sharing the same body and powered by the same motor. A Vortex Cutter for complete cutting and grinding and a Hydraulic Press which extracts the nutrients from the pulp provided by the Cutter.

They utilize the Vortex Cutter, a helical cutter-grinder mechanism (the triturator) which greatly improves the ability to cut the fibers of raw foods down to the cellular level. This enables the maximum extraction of nutrients.

The Hydraulic Press extracts the nutrients from the pulp provided by the Vortex Cutter.  The tremendous pressure exerted by the Norwalk Hydraulic Press gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements.  This imparts to the juice an extremely fine quality and flavor to the juice which is unequaled by any other method of juice extraction.

Allow up to 5 business days for your order to process before it ships. 




Pre-Owned Juicer

Model 270

Only ONE Available


Polished 270 Woodgrain Norwalk juicer, sold to you direct from Norwalk Inc. It comes with a 10 year home use limited warranty and is in like new condition.

Accessories included: Instruction manual, Weight control book, Pusher, Bags, Cloths, 8 grids, Blue lid, Baggie, Rubber band.

It has a couple very minor blemishes in the polished surface of the frame. Excellent condition otherwise. Very clean.

Prices, models, and designs subject to change without notice.