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Juice…for Life.

Select firm, fresh celery. Wash thoroughly.

Juice (Grid #1)

To juice celery, triturate and press using flat cloths. Fill the feed tube loosely with celery, large ends first, before turning on the Norwalk. While triturating be sure to keep some celery in the feed tube at all times to prevent throwback. Hold on to the stalks as you push them down. When all of the celery have been processed, push all the way down with the pusher and leave it in place until you have turned off the Norwalk.

Puree, Baby Food (Grid #3 or #4)

Triturate using either raw or cooked celery.

Salad (Grid #1 or no Grid)

Triturate rapidly as above and drain. Use juice in vegetable drink, soup or sauce.

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