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The Ultimate Juicer.

Chard is the same as Swiss chard and is actually a white rooted beet. Its leaves are eaten like spinach and its stalks like asparagus.

Wash thoroughly.

Juice (Juicing Grid or Grid #1)

Triturate and press in flat cloths.

Turn on the Norwalk and fill the feed tube with large bunches, stem ends first. When all the chard has been processed, press all the way down with the pusher and leave it in place until you have turned off the Norwalk.

Fill the center portion of a flat cloth with one cup of pulp. Fold into thirds and always press with two cloths.

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More than a Juicer.

Many types of cheeses may be grated in the Norwalk. The type of grind obtained will vary with the consistency and temperature of the cheese. Hard cheeses can be easily grated in the Norwalk. New or soft cheeses should be chilled before grinding for good results. Triturate only.

  • Use Grid #0 for coarse texture.
  • Use Grid #1 for fine texture.
  • Use Grid #2 for very fine.
  • Use Grid #3 or #4 for cottage cheese to be used in place of sour cream or cream cheese in dips.

Fill the housing loosely with cheese. Hold the pusher over the cheese before turning on the Norwalk. Triturate using light pressure on the pusher. Keep the housing partially full at all times to prevent throwback. When finished, leave the pusher in the feed tube until you have turned off the Norwalk.