Steve C.

I am 63 years old and bought my Norwalk juicer when I was 18 years old. It is still going strong after 45 years of use. I don’t know if the current models are capable of lasting this
long but the $800 I spent on it at the time was one of the best investments I ever made.

Orville S.

I was skeptical about buying the Norwalk because of the price, but let me tell you, you get what you pay for plus they service what they sell – I love my Norwalk Juicer – You guys rock – Keep up the good work!

Wiggle Waggle

I previously owned a twin gear masticating juicer and it was very clunky and took up a lot of counter space. the time it takes to clean the twin gear negates any benefit of this machine. I was very happy to find the Norwalk juicer! it’s so easy to clean and has a sleek design that works well with my modern kitchen. If you were considering buying a twin gear Masticating juicer or the Norwalk Juicer, the Norwalk Juicer is by far the better choice.

John B.

I have had my fair share of juicers and the Norwalk is on another level – I recommend the Norwalk juicer to anyone serious about juicing.

Rick S.

I purchased the Norwalk Juicer. Model 290 a couple of months ago. This unit runs like a champ. I’ve had previous juicers which did not make juicing easy or practical. This one does all that and more.

Pros: Not noisy – very easy to keep clean – Easy to use- Tough and durable – Produces awesome juice – pulp is dry after use, you get every bit of juice out of the produce!

Jessica K.

The Norwalk juicer has changed my game in a big way! I had an omega juicer before I got the Norwalk juicer and the omega lasted about 6 months.

The Norwalk juicer has already surpassed the longevity of the omega, and it produces much more juice from produce. The housing doesn’t shake or vibrate, and it does not sound like it’s about to fall apart like other brands I’ve tried. The Norwalk juicer was recommended by a good friend who has owned hers for over 20 years. If you’re serious about juicing, the Norwalk juicer is the way to go for sure!

Peter J.

By far the best Juicer I have ever owned, Cold pressed, high nutrient content, easy to clean and super durable. It is well worth the price because the Norwalk Juicer last forever. If you looking to get into juicing I would not buy anything but a Norwalk!

Customer call

I have had my Norwalk Model 270 for 25 years. I love it and use it all of the time. It has outlasted 8 cars and 10 girlfriends.

Margaret C. / Peterborough NH

We are juicing like crazy and off on a great adventure. After years of searching, I’ve found the very best juicer. Thank you so much for answering all my questions so thoroughly and patiently and for your help in allowing me to make an informed decision on the most important piece of equipment in my kitchen and my life. The Norwalk is such a wonderful machine.

Joy D

I have owned several juicers in my lifetime. Omega, Champion and now The Norwalk. Being it is the Rolls Royce of juicers I was a little nervous to use it. But once I did – – it was easy and the juice tasted so much yummier plus I got a lot more juice from my produce.