Bette R.

Hi. My Mother and I have been using Dr. Walker’s juicer for so many years. She is 91 years old. Dr. Walker has been such an inspiration to me and my Mother. He was such a wonderful man. I feel like I knew him. I am 65 years old and I have never had to take any kind of medicine.

Ben & Sarah P.

We absolutely love the Norwalk, we have been using it privately for 7 years and in our cafe for 3. Once you have tried a Norwalk Juicer you can’t go back!!!

Amazing healing life-giving juices, Thank You.


Alyson B

In 1996 I had just got out of the hospital from one of my many bouts with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. I went in because I had dropped down to 60 pounds and my blood count was three. I already had four juicers when I brought a Norwalk in 1999. I was going to buy a ruby but when I read about the Norwalk I knew this was the juicer for me. I’m alive and well because of being able to completely extract the nutrition I need from my vegetables with my Norwalk. I am able to stay out of the hospital and off of medication. It is worth every penny. I am worth this juicer.