Why Norwalk?

How Dr. Norman Walker discovered Vibrant Health through Fresh Raw Juices.

When Dr. Walker was about five years old he became afflicted with a fatal sickness, and never learned what it was. He became unconscious and fell into a coma. When he opened his eyes, both his mother and father were praying for him. He told his mother he was thirsty. He recovered quickly and when the doctor came the next day he expected to see a corpse, he was utterly astounded to see him standing in front of the window looking out, totally unconcerned about anything.

Several years later after leaving home. Out of the blue he was stricken with a serious nervous breakdown. His doctor told him that his liver was grievously involved. He advised Dr. Walker to go to the North of France, where he was sure he would find some farmers would feed him solely from the products of their garden.

One morning he happened to go into the kitchen while the Farmer lady was peeling carrots for lunch. Watching her he noticed how moist the carrots were when peeled, although they had not yet been in water.

After asking for permission to pick a few carrots and peel them. And if he could use her feed grinder. He set to work grinding about a half dozen good sized carrots, and by straining the pulp through one of her nice clean dish towels, he obtained his first introduction to a cupful of beautiful carrot juice!

He made as much carrot juice each day as he could drink.

His doctor had told him it would take a long time, probably nine months or a year to get well. However, in about eight weeks he was back being examined by the very much amazed and astounded Doctor.

Back in 1936, Dr. Walker decided he had sufficiently proved his research and wrote his first book -“RAW VEGETABLE JUICES. What’s missing in your body.” This was endorsed by Dr. R.D. Pope M.D., a practising physician in Long Beach, California.

He was now ready to begin to educate the public to the value of using FRESH RAW VEGETABLES. He opened a juice plant in Long Beach, California, making fresh raw juices daily, bottled in glass to be delivered to homes. People could either come to the plant and drink juices fresh at the counter, or have them delivered to their home, just as the milkman did in those days.

He was literally forced into designing a juice machine for home and commercial use, while still in the juice business in Long Beach. People began to get good results and wanted to be able to make their own juices at home. There was no adequate equipment on the market, back in those days, either for home or commercial use. A Doctor from Iowa, spending the winter in Long beach, and drinking fresh raw vegetable juices regularly prevailed upon Dr. Walker to make a juice machine for him which he could take home.

That was the beginning of his getting into the manufacture of the famous NORWALK ELECTRIC TRITURATOR & HYDRAULIC PRESS EQUIPMENT, NORWALK JUICERS.

He was always inventing something, so he set his mind to the task of designing a machine that would efficiently produce a fine quality of juice, both for home and for small commercial use.

He believed in building everything to “LAST A LIFETIME.” The first machines were very heavy, with two seperate units – an electrically – operated TRITURATOR, or grinder, and a hand operated Hydraulic press. They produced a large quantity of the finest quality juice from ALL vegetables.

Dr. Walker was happy to know these machines would continue to be available for those who needed them, long after he left this earthly abode.

Excerpts from Chapter 8, in his book VIBRANT HEALTH.

If you happen to read Chapter 3 in the same book, you will know how old he was.

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